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Hampi Crafts > 03. Research Demographics & Results > >> Koudhee (Patchwork-Quilting)

1.0 Craft Identity

1.1 Name of Craft: Patchwork Quilting
1.2 Vernacular equivalent: Koudhee
1.3 Craft description: The traditional form of patchwork uses scraps of cloth to create quilts.

2.0 Locations (within survey boundary): Kanakagiri

4.0 Works Process
4.1 Seasonality: There is great demand for this work, and most womenfolk in every household take up this occupation.
4.2: Materials and their origins: Cotton yarn or noolu is bought from the market and the women spin their own thread or dhara on the charakha (spinning wheel). Scrap cloth and waste pieces are given by families and are put together as patchwork quilts for that family.
4.3 Tools: Needles and Noolu (thread).
4.4 Work Pattern: Quilts are made on individual orders.
4.5 Products: Quilts and patchwork cloth.
4.6 Pricing range: Rs. 50 to Rs. 300 per square feet

5.0 Craftsperson’s perspective
Work seems to coming in steadily because of the need for such coverings and moderate price range.

6.0 Lister’s comments
6.1 Uniqueness (in material / tools / products / location etc): While the cloth used to make quilts are scraps that would go unused otherwise, the thread (noolu) used is spun from scratch on the charakha.
6.2 Socio-economic data based on field interviews: Only the women folk take up this work and within the survey boundary only the leather working community (mochis) were engaged in this craft.

“We [womenfolk] are not permitted to engage in any other trade or occupation besides this but nowadays our girls want to study…”

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